Thursday, May 2, 2013

EB2013 ASPET Blogging: Wrap-up

Wow, I’m exhausted. I’ve had several days to dive back into my regular (admittedly, also hectic) life and I’m still reeling from Experimental Biology. It’s time for a wrap-up and some shout-outs to those who made my EB blogging gig successful.

A HUGE thank you to Scicurious without whom I would not have had this gig. It was unfortunate that she could not attend EB2013 and I was pretty bummed that I wouldn’t get to visit with her while in Boston. But when she realized she couldn’t make it, she somehow thought of my humble little beginning-of-a-blog and recommended me to ASPET. Not only that, but she was the best damn blogging mentor ever! She helped me prep for the meeting, gave me a ton of tips and invaluable advice, and then took time out of her ridiculously busy postdoc life to proof my posts and offer suggestions on my writing. Seriously, Sci is one heck of a great person. Should I stop gushing now? It’s hard because of how much I appreciate her help. Words don’t seem like enough.

ASPET also gets major props for taking the chance on me to blog for the meeting! Everyone I met at ASPET was so helpful, welcoming, and nice. Suzie Thompson and Gary Axelrod were especially great in setting everything up and promoting my Twitter and blog. Gary retweeted my posts and met up with me a couple of times during the meeting.

The conference blogging literally wouldn’t have been successful without the science so another huge thank you to the researchers who allowed me to blog their work! Their posters and talks were all fascinating! Meeting up with them to learn more about what they do and why was really fun as well.

Also, my readers. I love you guys. Thanks for reading, retweeting, and sharing my posts! 

Blogging a scientific meeting is a lot of work and it’s tiring but it was definitely worth it. Thank you everyone!

Here’s a round-up of the posts from the meeting.

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